Football Panel Moonwalk – Plain

Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain
Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain

Football Panel Moonwalk - Plain


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Product Information:

Red, blue, yellow moonwalk with football panel.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

12 x 8 x 30

Space Needed:


If you are looking for a basic moonwalk rental that is geared towards the boys then you are in luck. This Football Moonwalk has a very basic design. It’s 14’ x 15’ of jumping surface. In addition it stands 13’ tall. It’s reds, yellows and blues make for an attractive addition to any party. However, what really makes it stand out is the large football themed panel that adorns the front of this moonwalk. It depicts a strong running back being tackled by the defense. 

So, if your child is a big fan of football, then the Football Moonwalk is sure to make them happy. What child wouldn’t love to see this awesome moonwalk in their backyard for their birthday or other special day. Additionally, if you are having the local pee wee football team over for a celebration then this is sure to delight. What could be more appropriate.

Football Moonwalk is Appropriate for All Occasions

Not only is the Football Moonwalk great for private parties, it’s also awesome as part of bigger events. This could be anything from a PTA Carnival  to a workplace celebration. No event is too big or too small for this moonwalk rental.

Moonwalk rentals are an awesome idea when it comes to entertaining children. The kids love bouncing and jumping on the soft surfaces of the moonwalks. They can literally spend hours at a time engaged in these activities. The parents are going to be thrilled that this is largely self directed fun. Even though some parental supervision is necessary, for the most part it’s just inflate and let the fun begin. What could be better? The kids are happy. The adults are happy. Everybody wins. You are going to love this Football Moonwalk, and so will your kids.

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