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Product Information:

The Superman Bounce House brings the strongest superhero of all time home to you. Any fan of Superman will love this bounce house and have a great time jumping around with the Man of Steel. Toddlers may need some help climbing in but they will have a great time inside. The Superman Bounce House has a covered top of the bounce house to keep the sun and elements off those inside. Comes with a 1.5HP Blower when rented. This has mesh sides to you can see who is inside having fun.

Age Appropriateness: Young and older children are welcome for this Superman Bounce House. Toddlers will need the help of an adult or able person to help into the bounce house.

Surfaces: This Superman Bounce House can be placed on grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or on any indoor surface. In some cases, we will install this with a tarp underneath.

Power Consumption: The Superman Bounce House comes with a 1.5 horsepower blower that pulls  12 amps that will need to be plugged into a socket on its own breaker and cannot be further than 100ft from the plug. Extension Cords are available for an additional cost if needed.

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Professional delivery to Mount Olive, AL and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

If your child is a budding superhero, then let him or her join the Man of Steel for some great fun. This Superman Moonwalk is sure to be a big hit at your child’s next birthday party or other event. If your child is a fan of Superman then this moonwalk is a must have. Your child is going to be absolutely thrilled to jump and bounce on this very attractive inflatable. The outside features our favorite superhero from Metropolis taking flight. Additionally, each of the corner columns is topped with a giant Superman logo. What could be more inviting for the kids to come in and have fun?

Superman Moonwalk Provides Healthy Entertainment

And, with the Superman Moonwalk it is fun they will have. 15’ x 15’ of pure jumping and bouncing joy. What could be more fun or more entertaining? Moonwalks are a great entertainment value. Not only do they entertain the kids for hours, but it’s healthy. What could be better for your child than sustained, heart pounding exercise. That’s one of the reasons that moonwalks are as popular with the parents as they are with the children. 

Great Fun for Kids/Little Effort for Adults

Additionally, another reason for the broad popularity of moonwalks is the ratio of fun to effort. That’s fun for the kids, and effort (or lack of) on the part of the adults. While moonwalks may require some adult supervision, they are largely hands off on the part of the parents. Let the fun begin when you turn the kids loose inside this incredible Superman Moonwalk. One of the other great things about this rental is it’s broad appeal. Everybody loves moonwalks and everybody loves Superman. Since this inflatable is appropriate for all ages you can’t go wrong when you rent it. It’s awesome for private parties as well as part of larger events like carnivals or festivals. 

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