Generator - 56KW

Generator - 56KW


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours


for 4 hours


for 5 hours


for 6 hours


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for 9 hours


for 10 hours


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for 12 hours


for 13 hours


for 14 hours


for 15 hours


for 16 hours


per day


for two days


for 3 days


for 4 days


for 5 days


for 1 week


for 2 weeks


for 3 weeks


for 1 month

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  • Diesel for Event

  • Transport Fee

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If you want to have an event, but it is too far from power sources then don’t worry. We’ve got the Generator Rentals you need to have your event anyway. Perhaps you are having a festival in the middle of a large field and there is no nearby power. You can still get the power you’ll need to have your event. Our 56KW generators will get things running so the fun can begin. This is our largest generator and can handle the bigger power needs that your event may require.

If you are renting inflatables and aren’t near enough to adequate electrical sources then Generator Rentals are the answer to your worries. We do have a number of inflatables that require power. These include Moonwalks, Slides (both wet and dry), Obstacle Courses, and many of our Sports-themed games. Additionally, we have a number of Carnival Rides that require power so electricity is a must. Therefore, if you don’t have enough electrical outlets to supply your party or event then you will need to invest in generator rentals. This 56 KW generator is our workhorse.

It’s not unusual to need supplemental power for bigger events like festivals and carnivals. However, you need look no further. We’ve got generator rentals in three different sizes: 8000 watts, 20 KW, and 56 KW. No matter your power needs we’ve got you covered with our generators.

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