One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football)

One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football)
One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football) One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football) One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football) One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football)

One on One Bungee (Basketball or Football)


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Product Information:

13'Wx45'L   It’s a Bungee Run Tug-O-War. Two people pull against one another. Choose between Football or Basketball. Lots of great competition in an attractive unit.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

13’W x 45’L x 14’H

Space Needed:

13’W x 45’L x 14’H


  • BasketballsBasketballs
  • FootballsFootballs

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If you are want to generate competition at your next party or other function then this is a great rental. The One on One Bungee inflatable is sure to be entertaining for the players. However, it will also be fun for the onlookers. Just like the pros, you are going to watch these bungee athletes compete for the title of grand champion. This One on One Bungee inflatable rental can be used for two different sports. First, it can be used as Bungee Football. Additionally, it can be played as Bungee Basketball. Either way, it’s going to be loads of fun

Playing Bungee Football

If you want to know how do you play Bungee Football, then read on.  First of all a padded post with two bungees attached stands in the middle of this 45 foot long field. Attach one player to each of these bungees.  The players head in opposite directions toward their goal line. The first to score wins the point. However, victory doesn’t always go to the fleet of foot. Take off too hard and fast and you may find yourself flying backwards. Not to worry, this soft inflatable is designed to avoid injuries.

Playing Basketball

For Bungee Basketball it’s largely the same competition. However, instead of heading in opposite directions to cross the goal line you want to score a basket at opposite ends. Similarly, the same challenges exist. If you take off too fast or too hard then you might find yourself back at the start–quickly.

The One on One Bungee inflatable is perfect for generating competition. Individuals can compete against each other one on one. However, you can also divide into teams. One player from each team goes head to head against an opposing team member. Either the first team to get everybody across is the winner, or the team with the most individual winners claims the prize. This interactive inflatable is perfect for work parties where teams are made up from different departments. 

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