World Sports Games

World Sports Games


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Product Information:

World of Sports 5-in-1 Interactive Inflatable has Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Football Throw, and Darts. Each have their own section for kids to play in and have return chutes for easy access to the coordinating interactive pieces and balls. This is great for Fall Festivals, Churches, and/or the party with a bunch of kids and parents you need to keep occupied.

  • Soccer allows the player to kick a soccer ball through the holes.
  • Football allows the player to throw a football through the two holes set.
  • Dart-Frisbee allows the player to play either darts or frisbee throw
  •  Basketball allows the player to shoot with another or shoot on one of two goals.
  • Baseball has a floating air spot to allow the player to hit the ball without placing it on anything to hit through one of the targets.

Book the World of Sports for your next event. You will not be disappointed with the World of Sports 5-in-1 interactive game.

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Five Games in One

If you are looking for one rental that gives you lots of versatility then look no further. The World Sports Games is an inflatable sports themed attraction that offers five different activities. That’s right, you get five activities for just one price. You can’t get much more versatile than that. With this World Sports Games inflatable you get: Home Run Derby (baseball); Soccer Challenge; Basketball; Football Toss; and a Frisbee/Dart game. If that sounds like a lot of fun to you, then you are right. 

Something for Everyone

The World Sports Games inflatable is a great entertainment option for your child’s birthday party. It can keep lots of kids entertained for a long time. Everybody is sure to find at least one activity that they are particularly good at. This lets everybody develop a healthy dose of self esteem. Additionally, the World Sports Games is a great inflatable attraction for school or church events. For older children you can even turn on the competition and crown somebody the King of Sports. What a morale booster. 

The World Sports Games is an awesome way to entertain children that have short attention spans. They can go from one sport to the other. This is also a great way for your child to find out what sport they are good at. You can’t go wrong with this very entertaining inflatable rental. 

The World Sports Games inflatable is as eye catching as it is fun. It’s 33’ around and stands 21’ high. It is sure to draw a crowd at your next event. Plus, with five different activities you can keep lots of kids moving through.

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