Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)

Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)
Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)

Frog Hopper (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)


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Product Information:

$1000/4 hrs   ($95 Each Addtl Hour)  Includes One DPR Operator   10'W x 24'L Area Needed For Set Up      Bring the Thrill & Excitement from the Fair to your next event with our Frog Hopper Carnival Ride.. Up to 6 people at a time can ride. Participants must be at least 36" tall and up to 700 pounds max on the seating bench. The ride motion carries the riders up the tower and then descends in a bouncing motion creating the frog hopping. Think the parachute ride at Six Flags and you'll get the idea.

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Bring the thrill and excitement from the fair to your next event with our Frog Hopper Carnival Ride. This looks like something you’d see at some of your bigger amusement parks, but it’s available just for you. 

Great for Grade School-Aged Kids

The Frog Hopper accommodates up to 6 riders and can hold up to 700 pounds on the seat. Doing the math the average rider must be 115 pounds or less. Riders must also be 36 inches tall to ride so it’s ideal for grade school-aged children. 

How the Frog Hopper Works

Once everyone is strapped in with the single restraint, the frog ascends 30 feet straight up before dropping in a bouncing motion imitating a hopping frog. This bouncing Frog Hopper provides a ton of thrills for the grade school aged child. It’s really a lot of fun and is sure to bring shrieks of delight from the riders.

Not only is the Frog Hopper a ton of fun, but it is visually appealing with its large frog head sitting high in the air. This makes it easy for the kids to find this ride. With up to 6 riders at a time you can get a lot of children through at a time and keep the lines short–at least until the word gets out on how much fun it is. For a ride this fun and with that many riders it only requires a 10’ x 24’ area for setup. That’s a lot of fun per square foot.

Operator Provided

The Frog Hopper includes one operator provided for 4 hours from the professional staff of Deborah’s Party Rentals. In addition to other rides for the younger children, Deborah’s Party Rentals also carries a full line-up of bounce houses. For the older kids and adults we have a number of Sports Games available to rent. Give us a call at (205)631-2670 | 1-800-651-2670,or  visit our Facebook page and let us help make your next event a success.

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