Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)

Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)
Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs) Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)

Log Slammer (Includes Operator for 4 hrs)


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$1000/4 hrs   ($95 Each Addtl Hour)   Includes One DPR Operator    24'x24'     You'll love this popular interactive for up to 4 participants that is guaranteed to be a hit! This game challenges your stamina, agility and reactions as the participants must jump or duck the foam boom. Very fast paced, intended for the teens and young adults! Who will be the last man standing?

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If you want to bring out the competitive juices in your party/festival goers, then look no further than the Log Slammer. This interactive game challenges stamina, agility and reaction time as participants try to avoid the foam boom. That’s right, these aren’t real logs, but you will still have a ton of fun.

The Log Slammer is a face paced game that is most appropriate for teens and young adults. It puts the body through the paces as participants jump or duck just in time to avoid the boom. Does this sound like fun? Well it really is.

This is a very popular game that accommodates up to 4 contestants at a time. The last man standing is the winner. Party and festival goers will find this game very engaging, both to play and to watch. It’s truly a real crowd-pleaser so make your next event a fun one and rent the Log Slammer.

Check out our Moonwalks and Bounce Houses for even more fun.. At Deborah’s Party Rentals we have everything you need to have a successful event so call us now at (205)631-2670 | 1-800-651-2670,or  visit our Facebook page.

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