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Product Information:

Includes One Staff Operator    Operating Footprint:  30’x30’.     Check out this adrenaline pumping game where you have to navigate through four 5' tall elevated walkways that contain moving parts! Between these walkways there are two spinning discs waiting to throw off participants. Jump from one spinning disc to the next. The landing pad is there just in case you don't make it to the other disk. This ensures that when the players fall from height, they do so safely. Toxic Twister is a game that demands daring speed, agility, and judgement. Dare to attempt the Toxic Twister challenge? Includes operator from Deborah's Party Rentals   Age Recommendation: Ages 10 and up

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The Toxic Twister is quite simply loads of fun. First of all it’s a blast to try to complete this obstacle course type ride/game. Secondly, it’s very visually appealing. It’s got brightly colored yellow with black striped hazard warning that is incorporated throughout the ride. Further, the toxic green sludge is a real attention getter. Of note, no actual toxic sludge was used in the creation of this game–it’s all inflatable.

How to Play the Toxic Twister

To start the Toxic Twister challenge scramble up inflatable stairs to the landing at the top. From there your challenge is to jump onto a spinning disc. Next up is a leap onto a narrow ledge on the back wall followed by a leap across a chasm to another narrow ledge. If you’ve made it this far it’s time for a jump onto a second spinning disc. Still haven’t lost your balance? All that is left is a hop over to another platform that forms the top of a slide. Make it to the bottom and you have escaped the Toxic Twister intact.

Completely Inflatable

As mentioned earlier, the Toxic Twister is completely inflatable. In case of a fall from any of the obstacles you can be assured it’s going to be a soft landing onto an inflatable pad that doubles as toxic sludge. 

For 10 Years of Age and Up

The Toxic Twister is recommended for children ten years and up. This ride is appropriate for a wide range of ages including adults due in large part to the variable speed controls of the spinning discs. Slower for the smaller kids. Faster and more challenging for the bigger kids and adults. 

If you want a game that demands daring, speed, agility, and judgement then the Toxic Twister is right up your alley. Rental includes one trained operator from Deborah’s Party Rental to keep things safe as well as to turn up the challenge with the variable speed control. This game is not only challenging, but it truly is a blast! 

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