Tubs of Fun Carnival Ride

Tubs of Fun Carnival Ride


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Product Information:

Includes One Staff Operator  40' Round Diameter Area Needed For Set Up   This ride is fun for kids and adults.  As participants are going round and round, they can spin their tub as fast as they want, creating lots of excitement. Seats up to 16 people.   

Circuits needed:


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Space Needed:

40' Circle w/ fencing


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Check out this video of Tubs of Fun in action!

Tubs of Fun is Unbeatable Fun

The Tubs of Fun ride is exciting for kids and adults alike. First time riders are going to find this to be unbeatable fun. Additionally, adults will be transported back to their younger years when this ride was the biggest thrill in town. 

If you are looking for a ride that packs plenty of excitement then you are in the right place. Tubs of Fun has double the spinning action. First of all, each of the tubs rotates around a center console on a long metallic arm. This may be enough for some of the younger riders, or those that don’t tolerate a lot of spinning. Secondly, spinning action is created by the individual riders. Each tub comes with a wheel in the center that can be used to spin the individual tub around and around. These things can really get spinning. I think we’ve all seen kids spinning so fast we were amazed they could walk away under their own power.

Don’t forget to save space for this crazy ride at your next event. A 40 foot round diameter area is needed to operate Tubs of Fun. Our professional and highly skilled staff will set up this ride. What’s more, rental includes an operator to keep things running smoothly and safely. 


Tubs of Fun seats up to 16 people. Therefore, this is plenty of capacity to keep the lines moving. That’s important because there are sure to be a lot of people eager to take a ride. Additionally, it’s one of those rides that kids like to ride over and over.

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