Dance Floor – Teakwood 15×15

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Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15
Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15 Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15 Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15 Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15

Dance Floor - Teakwood 15x15


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$600  12'x12'     $800  15'x15'    $900  15'x18'

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Dance, Dance,Dance – Let us help with Dance Floor Rentals!

Everybody wants their wedding reception to be a fun filled night to remember. If you’re worried that having your reception or other special event under a tent has to be anything less than awesome, then think again. Deborah’s Party Rentals has Portable Dance Floor Rentals to make your special day a memorable one.

When you think about it, the dance floor is frequently the focal point of some of the more enjoyable wedding receptions or other celebratory events that you’ve attended. Just because you’ve chosen to be outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice enjoyment or ambiance.  We can help you create the perfect event by adding a touch of class while ramping up the enjoyment factor with Dance Floor rentals.

In addition, you can design your dance floor to match your needs. Just because your dance floor is the focal point of your event doesn’t mean you have to plan your layout around it.  With our Dance Floor Rentals, one size does not fit all.Our Dance Floor pieces come in both 12”X12” (inch) or 15”X15” (inch) pieces that  can be configured to best meet the needs of your space. Additionally, you have choices when it comes to the color of your dance floor. You can have a teakwood dance floor, an all black one, an all white one, or one that is a black and white checkered pattern. It’s all up to you.

Want to really liven things up with a live band? We’ve got stages too. Give us a call today at (205)631-2670 | 1-800-651-2670,or  visit our Facebook page.