Stanchions with Black Ropes

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Stanchions with Black Ropes
Stanchions with Black Ropes Stanchions with Black Ropes Stanchions with Black Ropes Stanchions with Black Ropes

Stanchions with Black Ropes


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It’s all about the flow!  Are you looking for some way to control crowds or improve the flow of people at your event? Then perhaps you, like lots of other customers, will find stanchion rental to be a huge help.  Stanchions utilize stand up posts that are connected by chains, velvet ropes, or retractable belts to provide a pathway for people to follow.  

Why Stanchion rental:

Stanchion rental is ideal for:

  1. It’s portable-Stanchions are lightweight and can be taken into most environments, indoor or outdoor
  2. It’s temporary-Perhaps you need to control traffic temporarily but don’t want a permanent structure, this is where stanchion rental can help
  3. It’s easy to change based on your crowd and facility needs-If your crowd numbers vary, stanchions can provide the flexibility you need. The chrome stanchion with retractable belts are the perfect way to meet this need.
  4. It can provide an elegant look to the space-Velvet ropes are often associated with elegant events. So just adding these velvet ropes, which come in red or black, can change the feel of your event
  5. Provides Boundaries-Stanchion rentals are a great way to provide boundaries without having to use less friendly signs.  Wouldn’t you rather your customer see a beautiful stanchion versus a cold “DO NOT ENTER” sign?  
  •  Red Carpet events
  • Weddings
  • Job Fairs
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals
  • Give-a-ways
  • Banks
  • Stores
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Concerts
  • Trade Shows