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Sit down, relax, and let us tell you about our table & chair rentals

Having that big wedding reception or other event and would like to have options when it comes to your tables and chairs? Deborah’s Party Rentals has lots of options when it comes to table & chair rentals.



Deborah’s Party Rentals has the perfect table to meet your every need. We’ve got both 6 and 8 foot rectangular tables as well as 48 and 60 inch round tables. If you need to add a touch of class to these tables we’ve got linens in white, black and lemon to fit all of these tables. We’ve even got Ivory Pintuck Linens. You won’t believe how great they are going make your room look for that special occasion or event.


Having hors d’oeuvre or specialty cocktails that you’d like to showcase. Be sure to rent one of our 8 foot curved Serpentine Tables that will add that touch of class you’ve been looking for.


If you need a Hi-top table for that reception or meet and greet, we’ve got the perfect 30 inch round Hi-Top table that’s just the ticket.


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little less formal for that company picnic or family reunion. We’ve got white picnic tables and round tables with umbrellas for just such an occasion.



Want your guests to experience our most comfortable chairs? Then try the natural wood chairs with tan cushions. Or, try our white resin chairs for that slightly more elegant look. Maybe you’re looking for a more budget conscious chair. Then go with our durable folding plastic chairs that come in brown or white.


Whatever your needs, Deborah’s Party Rentals has the table & chair rental that is just right for you. Need tent rentals? We have those too.


Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at (205)631-2670 | 1-800-651-2670. Can’t wait to get your call so we can help you with your event.

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