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Medical Tent Rental:  Emergency Shelter, Generators, Lighting, Tables, Chairs, Barricades, Fencing and More!

If you are looking to expand or segregate your service capabilities, we can help with medical tent rentals as well as other emergency tent rentals and setup.  We have a variety of tent sizes to meet your individual needs.  This medical tent rental option can allow you to set up a fully enclosed emergency shelter or space that can function as overflow treatment facilities, triage areas, patient screening areas, patient treatment space, or any other COVID-19  emergency shelter needs.   Perhaps you need additional space to assist employees with their needs, this is something we can set up as well.


Our tents can be equipped with full sides that make the space fully enclosed offering protection from outside elements and providing much needed privacy.  In addition, we can  provide generators, heaters, lights, barricades, fencing, pipe and drape, tables and chairs to help make this emergency shelter or medical tent rental fully functional.


Do you need a medical tent rental for drive thru testing?  Need to segregate employees from customers?  Perhaps you need a tent to provide emergency shelter for curbside pickups, let us help you make this happen quickly.  Whether you are a hospital, physician’s office, satellite health office, health department or other entity that requires additional space or emergency shelters, we will work to help with all your needs. If you need one tent or multiple tents, we can set these up on your site to meet the demand for additional space requirements amid this crisis.


Your needs are urgent, and since we are a local company, our dedicated staff is available to come to your site as soon as possible so you can get on with other high priority items.  Deborah’s Party Rentals is a part of this community and we want to help in any way we can!


Read our Emergency Shelter FAQs below and call us today at 205-631-2670 or 205-907-2670 and we can discuss how we can best help you with your emergency tent rentals and other needs.

30 x 50 tent with separated areas

Photo Courtesy The Party Center, Phoenixville, PA

emergency shelter

20 x 20 Tents used as a drive through

Photo courtesy of Grandchamp Structure Design

30 x 50 tent with separated areas

Photo Courtesy The Party Center, Phoenixville, PA

emergency shelter
emergency shelter
emergency shelter
emergency shelter

Tent with French Doors and Air Conditioning

Tent with Sidewalls and Heat

plastic chair
emergency shelter

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Emergency Shelter FAQs
Emergency Shelter FAQ’s:
Q:  Do I need electricity to have power in the tents?

A:  No, we can provide you with generators that will allow you to have emergency power, regardless of your location.

Q: How long are item rentals?

A:  We are committed to providing the items as fast as possible and allow them to remain  as long as they are needed.

Q:  Are the tents a fully enclosed space?

A:  Yes, if we utilize the tent sides, combined with our tent tops, the space can be fully enclosed to meet your needs.