If you are looking for a wedding tent rental to accommodate your big event you’ve come to the right place . When you rent a 40 foot tent from Deborah’s Party Rentals you start to get a lot more capacity which is great for not only weddings, but also large company parties,  big family reunions, or tent revivals. These tents come in 40 x 40, 40 x 60 and 40 x 80. These accommodate up to 128, 192, and 256 guests respectively. That’s a lot of capacity for your large event. 


All three sizes of our 40 foot wedding tent rentals come in two types: the Navitrac and the more traditional pole style tent. Pole tents are a great option for the more budget conscious renter and have been in use since the days of the traveling circus. These tents are time tested. The biggest limitation with a pole tent is that it can only be set up on grass because of the long tent stakes that need to be driven into the ground to keep the tent up. A much less limiting factor is the center pole that is inside the tent and requires you to set up your floor plan with that in mind. Some clients like to use the poles as a feature, decorating them with vines, plants, fabric, or flowers. 


While most of the companies you can rent from only have 40 foot wedding tent rentals available in a pole style of tent, at Deborah’s Party Rentals we also carry the much more modern design of the Navitrac Frame Tent.  These frame tents have all the advantages found with smaller frame tents, namely that you can not only set this tent up in grass, but also on pavement or concrete because it doesn’t require stakes to be driven for it to remain standing. We use concrete blocks or water barrels as an anchoring system to preserve the integrity of your asphalt pavement or concrete.

One of the other advantages is the more airtight design of the sidewalls that fit this tent, which makes it a good  choice if you are going to be using climate control like AC or heat for your big event. Another advantage of the Navitrac is the lack of a center pole and the challenges that these can create.

Don’t forget we also carry tent accessories like stages in a variety of sizes if your big event includes a band or anything else that needs to stand above the crowd. Call us at (205)631-2670 | 1-800-651-2670, or  visit our Facebook page. We’d love to help you plan your big event. If you are looking for a different sized tent then return to our main Tents and Accessories page.