Pipe and Drape – Black

$12  per foot/$120 per 10 ft section     Pipe and Drape is one of the fastest, easiest ways of creating spaces and hiding areas. If you want to create a smaller space inside a larger one or make booths for trade or craft shows we have all you need here. Multiple heights for uprights and multiple lengths for cross pipes.  Black or White Drapes Available.  Pipe and drape can be 8', 10' or 12' high. Comes in 10' sections (three drapes per 10 section)
Please measure your area and do a simple hand drawing of the areas to be draped. This will help us determine the total footage needed and the number of uprights, bases, support posts, and drapes that you will need. Call us and we will get you an exact price quote.
Circuits needed: 0    
Item Dimensions:    Space Needed: