Do you start decorating for Christmas before you finish washing dishes from Thanksgiving dinner, after your weekend shopping is done, or do you wait until December 1?  Whether you’re ready to decorate now or not, take a look in any store and you know Christmas time is here! Parades, live nativities, red and green yard decorations, wish lists, and long lines to see Santa at the mall….which have you already seen around town?

Need a little inspiration to add to your home, office, or party decor?  Our friends at CornerFarmhouseShop put together this printable for you that you can print at home or at a photo printer and frame to hang (or gift!), use to make Christmas cards, or even print onto iron on paper and make a new shirt to wear while you shop.  Let us know if you find a great way to use it!

If you haven’t seen Santa yet, we know where to find him!  He doesn’t spend all of his time at the Mall and the North Pole, you know. 🙂  He loves to visit Christmas parties at work, school, church, and family get-togethers, just let us know when and we’ll make sure your event is on his calendar.